Fair to the environment, with outstanding quality.

Six facts that will convince you!

We conserve resources at all levels and a responsible approach to the environment is very important to us. Our credo is therefore: We are fair to the environment. Our main types of paper consist mainly of regional waste paper, all used materials and waste are recycled and our plants produce with energy from 100% hydropower and green electricity from Austria. In addition, we have been printing with the WAN/IFRA quality seal since 2003. This stands for reliable and consistent print quality.


Passion and state-of-the-art technology for supreme quality.

We attach importance to conservation of resources; among others, around 50 tonnes of printing plates and 1200 tonnes of paper are recycled every year. We sort used paper into five different categories.

Passion and state-of-the-art technology for supreme quality.

Protect people and the environment

Since 2022, the Styria Print Group has included print products in its portfolio that are certified with the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel. This means that we use in our printing and production processes no substances that are toxic to humans or harmful to the environment.

Protect people and the environment

Low CO2 footprint.

We keep transport routes short. A special cooling in the printing process also ensures that 155 tonnes of CO2 are saved each year compared to traditional systems.

In addition, we also offer you "climate-neutral" printed products on request.

Climate neutral on request
CO2 Footprint

Electricity from 100 percent hydropower and eco-energy.

Since the beginning of 2022, the printing companies have been purchasing 100 percent eco-label electricity from renewable energy sources in accordance with RL UZ 46 (licensee UW 1185). The two new efficient and thus energy-saving printing machines in Graz-Messendorf require less ink. In addition, the cold set printing method requires particularly less energy compared to “high-gloss printing”. The otherwise usual energy-guzzling heater for the drying process is not needed.

Two state-of-the-art, energy-efficient printing presses

90 per cent used paper.

Paper is one of our most important raw materials. We print more than 24,400 tonnes a year. The used paper percentage in the paper types used is up to 90 per cent. Regionality is highly important with used paper too. Incidentally: a paper fibre can be reused up to seven times.

Anita Budea ist Nachhaltigkeitsverantwortliche der Styria Print Group

Quality from the “world champion in printing”.

The global newspaper federation WAN-IFRA lists our company among the Top 10 of the international newspaper printing plants (WAN-IFRA Star Club). The requirement for this is ensuring a perfectly coordinated process chain. Only this results in perfect printing quality and thus resource-friendly production.

Quality from the “world champion in printing”. // Wanifra
Anita Budea

If you would like to find out more about our “Fair to the environment” strategy or about the projects we have planned for the future, please contact us. Our Sustainability Officer Anita Budea looks forward to hearing from you.
You can reach me at druck@styria.com or
by telephone on +43 316 80 99 - 2003.

Josip Novak

Hello, my name is Josip Novak. I am sales manager at Druck Styria and Druck Carinthia and bring your requirements and our expertise together.
You can reach me at josip.novak@styria.com or by telephone on +43 664 413 74 64.
I would be glad to arrange a personal meeting at your place or at our printing house.

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