Print newspapers, flyers and brochures with the world’s 5th-best printing company!

Printing daily and weekly newspapers, regional media, flyers and brochures is our great passion. We have been putting our heart and soul into the manufacture of our products for more than 150 years. Today, we are a group of companies with three locations (Graz and St. Veit in Austria and Zagreb in Croatia) and are ranked 5th among the world's best newspaper printing companies.

Our paper grades: Our selection of paper types

We offer various types and qualities of paper. We can thus reflect the respective character of your printed product in the best possible way. Everything is possible, from well-known newsprint to bright white natural papers.

Newsprint Standard Grammage: 42,5 g/m2 and 45 g/m2 White: 59 ISO
Newsprint Plus 48,8 Grammage: 48,8 g/m2 White: 72 ISO
Newsprint Plus 55 Grammage: 55 g/m2 White: 72 ISO
Newsprint Premium Grammage: 60 g/m2, 80 g/m2 and 100 g/m2, White: up to 143 ISO
Newsprint Colour
Newsprint Colour On special request, we can order the special paper in the colour salmon.

Our formats: You too can use the formats of the major quality media in Austria!

Tabloid (small format)

The format for easy-to-handle newspapers

Opt for the easy-to-handle small format like the majority of the dailies, weeklies and monthly newspapers! Do it like the "Kleine Zeitung", "WOCHE", "WienerBezirkszeitungen" and many other of our customers.

Tabloid (The format for easy-to-handle newspapers)

Format Tabloid - KLZ

Broadsheet (large format)

The format for self-confident newspapers

Big content deserves a big setting. That is why numerous quality newspapers like "Die Presse" opt for broadsheet format. It is also a popular format for flyers and posters.

Broadsheet Format

Trimmed formats

Borderless formats are also possible

There is also the option of trimming the aforementioned formats. With this option, you will receive products printed without a margin. We would also be pleased to staple your products.


Extras – would you like something in addition?

We draw even more attention to your printed product.


Layout & design

A professional design makes your newspaper a star.

Your texts and images only really come to the fore with an appealing design. We have the right experts on hand and in addition to the printing will also be pleased to take over the layout for you.

Newspaper workshop

Together we make your newspaper ready for printing.

Not all newspapers are the same. So that your content can have the best possible design and be prepared in the best possible way for printing, we organise a workshop on the topic of newspaper design / image processing / preparation of print data together with you and your graphic designer / your agency.


Image processing

The right preparation makes our images shine.

Perfectly prepared image data lead to perfect results in printing. The use of natural papers with an open surface means that images require an intensive processing. Only a few steps are needed for an impressive result. You will find information on these in the FAQs and in the Downloads section.

Our tip

As a general rule, the following criteria should be complied with when selecting the images to use: Use large-scale images with few details in the image and prefer high contrasts with sharp contours.

Professional data check

Only correct print data result in perfect results

The print data are checked by a newsprint expert and areas requiring revision are reported back to you.

Professional data revison

We revise your print data for a perfect result.

The print data are checked and revised by a newsprint expert. We can thus get the best for you in the newspaper production. Billing on a time-and-materials basis and according to requirements.

Test print

Gaina realistic picture.

We would be pleased to make a test print with your print data. You can thus gain a picture of it yourself.



Appeal to your target group with pinpoint content.

Content that is specific to the region or the target group can be easily implemented in your products. Our fully automated plate changer replaces the printing plates in the space of four minutes.


Targeted sending without costs and extra packaging.

So that your printed products are sent to your customers without extra packaging and cost, the address data can be printed directly on the product. The precise details and specifications for the addressing can be found in the Downloads under inkjet address data.


After printing is before dispatching.

But how do your printed works get to you and/or your customers? We will be pleased to take over the organisation of the transport to your premises or the specified distribution centre.

Seal of quality

Be committed to supporting regional production.

Depending on where your printed matter is produced, we can offer you the following seals of quality for printing in your printed product: Austrian Ecolabel, EU-Ecolabel, Printed in Austria, printed in Styria and printed in Carinthia, the province of printing.



Wrapped in a striking way

We produce envelopes with short lead times. Bright white, wood-free paper ensures more attention and offers four pages of special space for advertising.

Tip-on Card

Attentive on the first page

With the tip-on card, you already generate great attention on the first page. Because when it is detached, the tip-on card becomes an invitation card, a valuable voucher, a ticket for participation, a pocket calendar or a powerful message for your success. It measures your advertising success by collecting the responses to competitions or voucher promotions. We produce and process your tip-on card for you. Everything from one source.


Re-sticking is fun

“Do not forget” is probably the key word for the effective use of the memo stick on the cover of your printed product. Dates for events, trade fairs and much more, but also important information such as telephone numbers, e-mail or Internet addresses that the reader should definitely remember are the topics for this form of advertising.

The square “adhesive” can be printed on over its entire surface and can be detached and re-stuck again without damage.

Half-page (Top-In)

Half-pages, full attention

Good design always creates an added value of the product, as does the half-page. With this choice, you have the opportunity for surprise several times. Use this form of advertising as a graduated advertisement — as a type of presentation in order to show several products individually, for voucher sheets or for particularly important text passages.


More space for your content

With the Superpanorama-XL you create the ultimate overview for your readers – irrespective of whether it involves a comprehensive topic or an impressive panorama shot.


Your pages in the newspaper

With a supplement, your newspaper really stands out! The supplement is the most comprehensive and individual additional information to the newspaper. We add your supplements manually or using machines; the supplement can be an independent product and produced in diverse formats and forms. We do of course also take over the production of your supplements.


Unmissable advertising seal

Nobody can ignore a sleeve! It envelopes your printed products and has to be removed or opened before the reader can browse further. This is why a sleeve generates special attention. An inestimable value for the advertising effect. An “advertising seal” that cannot be overlooked.

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