Our strengths.

Eight arguments that will convince you.


Most modern printing machinery

In 2019, we invested EUR 30 million in the most modern printing and mail room technology. A high degree of automation coupled with our passion for the craft of printing guarantees an optimum price-performance ratio.


Printing that is tailored to the target group

With our robot-controlled plate exchange, we can change pages in just a few moments. With both newspapers and flyers, you will manage to make a product look different, e.g. in different regions.


World champion in printing

There is a good reason why our printing shops are members in the WAN-IFRA Quality Club and/or in the IFRA Star Club. To be listed there, you need to guarantee top quality over a period of years. This is ensured by our state-of-the-art printing machines combined with employees who carry out their trade with passion.


Express delivery

We are quickly equipped for your orders: Your product does not need any drying time and, depending on the order, will be delivered within 24 hours after the data have been transmitted.


Craftsmanship meets high tech

Even high tech needs to be looked after. We thus devote our special passion to the relationship between man and machine. We are familiar with our systems down to the last detail and know what needs to be done for our customers to be able to rely on us in full.


Fair on the environment

The environmentally conscious treatment of the environment is a major concern for us. Up to 90 per cent of our main types of paper thus comprise regional used paper. All used materials and waste are recycled, and our systems produce with energy entirely from hydro power and green electricity from Austria.


Printed in Austria

We are entitled to use the “Printed in Austria” seal of quality. It is thus ensured that the printing is done entirely in Austria, Austrian jobs are secured and the value added remains in the country.


Everything from one source

We provide you not only with the very best quality. We will be pleased to advise you, irrespective of whether it involves choice of paper, choice of format or specific special requirements. We also offer you everything that you require, from layout and graphic design to image processing.

Josip Novak

Hello, my name is Josip Novak. I am sales manager at Druck Styria and Druck Carinthia and bring your requirements and our expertise together.
You can reach me at josip.novak@styria.com or by telephone on +43 664 413 74 64.
I would be glad to arrange a personal meeting at your place or at our printing house.

Most modern printing machinery Printing that is tailored to the target group World champion in printing Express delivery Craftsmanship meets high tech Fair on the environment Printed in Austria Everything from one source